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Talat Rot Fai Ratchada Market is a huge and fun open-air night market selling lots of delicious street food and drinks, as well as nick-nacks, handi-crafts, and souvenirs. I like to use dehydration as an excellent excuse to have another of those delicious strawberry yogurt drinks they sell at Chatuchak (see the photo below) , We love this strawberry yoghurt drink that you get at Chatuchak market. Thank you much. The street food at the market is also excellent. You will also meet this gigantic monk at Klong san market. So wanted to know from a person who has already been there. Because of its huge popularity, two similar Talat Rot Fai night markets opened a couple of years later. Cute home-made toys. Will definitely check out the Aor Thor Kor and the Epicurean market the next time we are in Bangkok! The Market is a brand new shopping mall opened on Valentine’s Day of 2019. We have added you to our newsletter , Hi. A cool motorcycle bar at Talat Rot Fai Ratchada Train Night Market. And if it starts pouring down, like it did one night we visited Talat Rot Fai 2, you can always seek cover at the big Esplanade Mall which is just next to the market. It is all about finding the fair and acceptable price, both for the buyer and the seller. At the Pratunam Market, you will find clothes, shoes, and accessories like jewelry, handbags and sunglasses, everything at dirt-cheap wholesale prices. I personally love the Neon Market when it comes to shopping as the things they sell here are unique and real art crafts and not only typical mass-produced cheap plastic knick-knacks that you find elsewhere at markets in Bangkok. Some are open 24 hours a day, others only during the day or when the sun goes down, while the biggest and most famous of all only takes place on weekends: Chatuchak Market - Anything you can think of is sold at this huge market that’s a must-go weekend destination for locals and tourists. No, but I travel to Thailand a lot, almost every year. Wow! You can find some really cool batik clothes at Artbox, Cute handmade things made of wood at Artbox. Beautiful but expensive ! If shopping is on your agenda for your Bangkok trip, then markets are best for shopping in Bangkok. I bought lots of nice gifts to bring back home that were uniquely made by the artist right in front of me, and I could choose the design and colors. Bangkok has been well-known as a heaven to all shopaholics around the world for its variety of shopping malls and big markets. Siam Square, the destination for street shopping. If you are there with friends or family, decide where to meet up if you get away from each other. MBK Tokyo Center is the best for me. I wanted to buy that small penguin; it was soooo cute! It is located in a popular tourist area, so here you will see a mix of locals and foreigners. BONUS: We have made a free printable PDF and ePUB version of this guide to Bangkok’s best markets available to our newsletter subscribers. We used the Lonely Planet`s Thailand travel guide on our trip. Later it changed into a fish market before it became the kind of market it is today. The atmospheric bar area of Talat Rot Fai Ratchada Train Night Market. These markets are not set up for tourists only, like the floating markets are, but are regular shopping places in Bangkok where also the local Thais shop for clothes, shoes, vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, and everything else they need. Shopping enthusiasts the world over are cleaning out their carrier bags in anticipation of taking on the best markets in Bangkok. You can check out the shopping mall MBK and also at Pratunam market and Platinum shopping mall for home decor. Chatuchak Weekend Market is THE ultimate Bangkok market. They have built a platform and community in Bangkok, with a focus on Healthy Living, and bringing people together. And remember to drink plenty of water, as it is easy to become dehydrated.

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