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Python Tutorial; Django Tutorial; Python Programs; Python Buil-in Functions; Python String Methods; ... AJAX Stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML; It is … PHP Programs; Ajax Tutorial; JSON Tutorial; MySQL; Codeigniter; Laravel; WordPress; SEO; Python. You can download the PDF of this wonderful tutorial by paying a nominal price of $9.99. 4 Digging Deeper •Traditional HTTP communication –User clicks a link or presses a form button –Client browser makes an HTTP request using either Ajax uses XHTML for content, CSS for presentation, along with Document Object Model and JavaScript for dynamic content display. AJAX 4 AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Chapter 5: AJAX Form Validation 145 Implementing AJAX form validation 146 XMLHttpRequest, version 2 150 AJAX form validation 159 Summary 182 Chapter 6: Debugging and Profiling AJAX Applications 183 Debugging and profiling with Internet Explorer 184 Enabling debugging in Internet Explorer 6 and 7 184 Debugging in Internet Explorer 8 186 AJAX is a new technique for creating better, faster, and more interactive web applications with the help of XML, HTML, CSS, and Java Script. Your contribution will go a long way in helping us serve more readers.

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