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Car was a major disappointment which is probably why they are giving them away (OTOH the Panamera turbo is awesome). 675LT competition. Cup 2 1.2s/minute faster than Cup+. Race mode is very aggressive, higher RPMs, a lot more engine braking. Volkswagen I.D. Are you calling Chris Goodwin a liar? http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Article/2012-Sport-Auto-Track-Day-Tyre-Test.htm. but actually I don't have a game console at home, but I did study newtonian physics in University, and every thing I said in the previous post is truth and common sense. It only went into the battery when I was coasting (I think Porsche calls it 'sailing'). Also he goes flat out through Tiergarten at 320kmh which I highly doubt is achievable on road legal semi slicks. Why did Chevrolet fit Trofeo Rs on the Z28 and not even have them as an option tyre for the Z06 then? More McLaren cars 37. The obvious answer is the one staring you in the face. 2013 McLaren P1 916 ps, 1490 kg. Track Days; Sports Car Rentals; Lap Times. It very well could be that more seat time is needed to get used to the nuances, but the jury is still out on that. Can we add the Portimao lap. Good luck find 1s between the Trofeo R and Cup 2 in there. ferrari choices have been well known for decades. http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Article/Michelin-Pilot-Sport-Cup-2-Launched.htm. So Cup 2s and Trofeos are roughly the same.1. Why doesn't Ferrari just use Trofeos instead of making excuses? yeah when are we going to change the curb weight on this page. Watch for yourself. Trofeo 0.4s/minute faster than Cup +. The LT is properly fast around the race track. McLaren Super Series. I dont know whether it was posted or not but here you guys have it :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYRpQ965bJA&feature=youtu.be, In Vairano 1'10"893 and very crazy spedd in a 1KM...290Km/h, http://www.germancarforum.com/threads/next-quattroruote-3s-club-sometimes-they-come-back.56161/#post-809735. you do know that FIA now recognizes race car training directly through gaming consoles, and by earning a game racing license from the FIA, certifies you to be equivalent to having a REAL racing license in over 22 countries. Don't you and others look stupid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkoaijiEKRg3. Watch for yourself. It's narrow, unpredictable, long and has a deadly history. Simple. the video many do not wish to see (18+) it's not as bad as kevin spacey jumping on the bed undoing his jeans. We know it was pulling hard on a straight where the 918 actually did lose electric drive to the front wheels. McLaren 675LT vs Lamborghini Huracán Performante, yeh especially when you wreck these speaking from experience. We have P1 owners here who track hard and have never ran out of juice. You have brake regen, fair enough, but you also have a bigger battery and more weight so it makes more sense. We know it was pulling hard on a straight where the 918 actually did lose electric drive to the front wheels. The P1 gtr time seems impressive but when you factor the slicks it doesn't seem so great anymore. The P1's able to cut more than four seconds off the 675LT's lap time, and on a race track, that's an eternity. Sure the lack of electric motors makes it lose instant grunt but that's negligible on a race track. Please try to accept you are wrong FACT !! Porsche 919 Evo - Overall record holder on the modern 20,832m full layout with a time of 5:19.546 minutes. Ergo, number one is to ensure that somebody who knows the ropes can give you assistance and given this represents only my 7th, 8th and 9th laps ever on this 21km circuit - that was a must with Misha rejoining me after last year's outing in my Focus RS.Running under trackday format with Sky Limit Events, helmets are mandatory (unlike Touristenfahrten days), and the main straight is fully open for consecutive laps and very high top speeds - in my case up to 302km/h on the dashboard. It was the perfect environment in which to learn without putting either the car or myself at substantial risk.What I do know though, is that I need (and want) a lot more time here and with my inbound Porsche 911 GT3 that is going to happen vastly more - bring it on!Let's discuss the Nurburgring Nordschleife here: https://www.qutee.com/q/the-green-hell-nurburgring-nordschleife/Thumbnail and outro pictures with thanks to http://www.tourifotos.deThanks for watching, TimSubscribe: http://bit.ly/Shmee150YTWebsite: http://www.shmee150.comFacebook: http://www.fb.com/shmee150Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/shmee150 488 does not come with cup2 tires. Cup 2 > 0.8s/min > Trofeo > Corsa SystemTrofeo R > 0.9s/min > Corsa System. Some traffic, cistomer driver. not one has ever come with trofeos r. manone - there's no evidence that Trofeos are that much better than Cup 2s, all people are going on is a different day test, where the Cup 2 time for a GT3 was 5s slower than a 458s, which is definitely atypical, as you can see.https://fastestlaps.com/comparisons/i6dlmtfhn0a7. He said directly on video that it did not run out of juice at the Ring. Sport Auto test. And before you ask, somewhere in the 8:30s but that's not what this is about.Driving the Green Hell is a particularly daunting task, to me it is a totally different level to Spa, Silverstone or any other F1 grade circuit. Are you calling Chris Goodwin a liar? These are all same day tests unlike the Harris test. FACT: it does not. you're pretty far off the mark, P1 definitely regenerates the battery during braking, and I can tell you for sure it does not run out of battery on a lap at the ring, not on 1 lap, not on 2 laps, not on 3 laps, it will run out of gas before running out a battery. The Cup 2 is 2s faster than Cup+ on a 2 minute lap (1 & 2) and Sport Auto only found the Trofeos 0.5s faster than the Cup+ on a 57s lap (3). My 991TTS was in the shop for service and the dealer loaned me a Panamera hybrid for the weekend. It's clear you ... Are you done ? McLaren 675LT vs Ferrari 812 Superfast. you break you regenerate (918,Laf) you left of the throttle (P1) guess what happens ? Track mode is less, normal mode not so much. Saxy - do the maths, these are all same day tests by respectable sources. Stefan Bellof; Jackie Stewart; Niki Lauda; Sabine Schmitz; Driving Experience. the charging rate in the P1 also depends on what mode you're in. 1993 McLaren F1 627 ps, 1140 kg. Another one of those... "the faster lap time MUST make a car better" attitude. R - Overall electric record holder on the modern 20,832m full layout with a time of 6:05.336 minutes. Porsche-Panamera_S_Hybrid_2012_1600x1200_wallpaper_14 (Small).jpg, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Everyone likes PR, so if they could have droped 1s/minute by going to Trofeo Rs as an option I'm sure they would have. So Cup 2 is ~0.8s/minute faster than non-R Trofeo and the non-R Trofeo is still faster than Corsa Systems. yeh especially when you … For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. 2017 McLaren 720S 720 ps, 1419 kg. Trying to come up with silly excuses like this really is sad. We should learn to respect the cars for what they are. 4:20-6:20https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kCd1JIEBis. Top 100 Nürburgring Lap Times. Sure the lack of electric motors makes it lose instant grunt but that's negligible on a race track. Yep, cut slicks or some very special 'version' of the Corsa tyre. There's a cute graphic on the display that shows the direction of charge, ie energy coming out or going into the battery. Am I correct in that you do not own a P1? However, it even provides a noticeable difference even from the 675LT. Now at Portimao the Trofeo R on the P1 was 0.9s/minute faster than the Corsa Systems. you have more owners on here telling you so.If FACT from a ring point of view we have probably the only owner of a P1 that has spent time on the Ring in his P1 (according to Chris Goodwin),and he is telling you that it never runs out of battery there.............If your friends have run there then we have something to discuss. I have a few friends with P1's and I certainly know how it works. For the 99.99% of the time these cars aren't being pushed to the limit, the less aggressive tires are better... like in the REAL world driving. So how come Cup 2s are 1.2s/minute faster than Cup+ and Trofeos are only 0.4s faster than Cup+ and faster than Corsa System and Trofeo Rs were only 0.9s/minute faster than Corsa Systems on Portimao (all same day tests). 675LT Nurburgring Lap Time. laptime at le mans bugatti circuit: 1:44.04, 1:10 at Vairano.https://www.facebook.com/Quattroruote/videos/10155200508156258/, http://www.germancarforum.com/threads/next-quattroruote-3s-club-sometimes-they-come-back.56161/#post-807411. Im assuming you own a P1, and if you do then I shall apply your logic (above in bold) to your initial argument claiming that the P1 regenerates during braking. Jump to Latest Follow 101 - 119 of 119 Posts ... One can see 1.6 g lateral more than one time in the video, and its in slow corners where aero is not playing a big role. 675LT Nurburgring Lap Time Nurburgring Legends. the noticeable advantage over the 488 is basically due to the trofeos r tyres. LMAO! Now if he'd used Trofeo Rs the second time and ran 1:53.98, the internet would have been full of idiots claiming it was proof that Trofeo Rs are 1s/minute faster than Cup 2s, which is exactly what they did after his different day tyre test. - YouTube This content is imported from YouTube. On track you want smooth delivery and not sudden. McLaren 675LT vs Lamborghini Huracán Performante. So the interesting bit on the 918 is that depending on your battery level, and the type of mode you are in, the rate of the battery recharge varies.

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