13 reasons why season 4 episode 10

The football team hightails it out of there, clearly spooked. But since Zach’s mom put cameras in his room, Zach needs to say he's with Alex to get out of the house and away from the cameras. Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) is sleeping and wakes up to Justin Foley (Brandon Flynn) coming in to their shared room. Tony thinks Tyler sent the email, but Jess thinks it's Ani because she isn't there and she could have gotten to Clay's computer. “I just want to make it clear, I don’t actually see ghosts,” he said. Once alone, Clay brushes past the pointed, hurtful accusation he hurled at Justin and says he thinks his parents are tracking them, probably on the new phones they got them for Christmas that came complete with pre-installed apps. He seems extremely confused. She calls her mom and leaves a shaky voicemail telling her mother that she loves her. "Don't love anything more than life," Jess tells him. He joins him. Each character’s final interaction is heartbreaking, from Jessica thanking Justin for teaching her how to love, to Clay thanking him for repeatedly saving his life. It does little to make him feel better. Wynn tells Tony to use it. The two start fighting in the school hallway and one of the SROs comes to break it up. However, it seems that she also just likes him, so it's complicated. Talk about bad timing. Clay complains that he hasn't even applied anywhere anyway, and he rejects Justin's offer to help. He says he's probably just detoxing and asks Clay not to tell his parents about his relapse. The cops arrive at the office, and Zach tells Alex to go out the back way while Zach stands prepared for an altercation, holding a baseball bat. Clay starts to type his college entrance essay —. Not only does Clay see Hannah one last time, but Mrs. Baker mails him the box of Hannah’s tapes, which he and the rest of the Gordon Lightfoot Gang bury as a group. Tony is at the sheriff's station to meet with Wynn about an upcoming boxing match. At school, Clay and Tony are talking. 13 Reasons Why Final Season Premiere Recap: Whose Funeral Is It Anyway? Diego resumes punching him, but Zach just keeps telling him to hit him harder. Tony tells her to take Mrs. Walker's money. Naturally, there's a lot of anxiety among them. Bryce tells Clay to rape the unconcious girl, but Bryce isn't really there, so the girl's boyfriend comes back to find Clay just standing there. He also wants her home so she can't go to the "Find Your Drink" party. She is going to San Diego State for school and says she's doing really well. (And I’m only sort of joking.) It's Zach. His closing line is pretty cheesy, but it resonated with his audience: "Even on the worst day, life is a pretty spectacular thing.". Tony says no one is giving up on him, but why is he shopping for guns? He has a record and can't be arrested. It has to be someone else. Clay is barricaded in a classroom alone and he sees Monty in there with him. Alex asks. Clay tries to save him but it's no use. Alex overhears Diaz say that he still has questions about Bryce's death. And what does real change look like?" Clay walks off, muttering about how Justin isn’t the same person after rehab. * This show wants us to believe that these characters learn from their mistakes, but I can’t say I have high hopes for Clay’s relationship with this Heidi girl, especially since she approached him mere seconds after he acknowledged, “I fall in love with girls too fast and too hard.” Which he said to an imaginary ghost, by the way. It’s Winston’s turn to talk to Ani. Winston tells Alex that he isn’t going to do anything — he loved Monty but he loves Alex too. It goes way better than it could have, given his fragile mental state at the moment. He tells Diego that he knows Monty is innocent because they were together the night Bryce died. It's pretty horrific. Jess doesn't understand how her dad even knew there was a party. DC’s Black Label imprint has provided us with some mature content for some of their most iconic characters. Meanwhile, the ever trusting Tyler believes that Clay really was hacked, and Tony wonders who would know how to do that, implying that Tyler has the skills to do it. At school, Winston talks to Tyler. "I can't save anyone. Clay is confused. The recruiter tells her that she's resilient. Back at the party, Alex is watching a movie and hiding from the crowd. Meanwhile, Tony is trying to leave. The school is gearing up for the Valentine's Day dance, because these are still high school students with high school activities when they're not framing people for murder. Clay meets with Jess to tell her about what all the parents are doing. He says he thinks people can be attracted to guns and his photo series is meant to get people thinking about why. Jess replies that she's just lonely. Winston hands Alex a tape that presumably has Alex's earlier confession on it. When the students arrive at school, they see red graffiti painted on the doors. Then the show flashes back to six months previously at Christmastime, so about a month after the events of season 3. At his therapist's later on, Clay agrees to continue their work through the summer and as he gets adjusted at Brown and then he'll find resources on campus. He wants to study photography at school. Whoever it is, they're really sending Clay over the edge and he has another panic attack in the photography dark room. 13 Reasons Why season 4, episode 10, “Graduation” is an emotional ending with a hopeful farewell, giving the fans closure to a heavily thematic and socially relevant story. She invites Ani to stay at her house since Jess' mom and brothers are relocating to Seattle, but Jess and her father are sticking around until the end of senior year. Diego confronts Zach about how he's protecting his friends. It's a breakthrough for Clay. It was just a drill. "Who's left?" Alex and Charlie find Zach drinking in an alley and tell him enough. The students clap for her, and when Bolan tells her to get back to class, she gives a firm no. She says Zach is done and Justin's not talking to her and Ani moved out and is meeting with Mrs. Walker. Clay's been admitted to a hospital and mentions that he has a college interview coming up. There is no shooter, there's only Clay standing there. Jess responds with one of the best lines of the series. * At least Tony gets the happy ending he deserves, going to college on a boxing scholarship with his father’s blessing. "He deals guns. Zach says the rest of them need to talk. He thinks she's been talking to Justin. It's finally some closure for Winston. At school, the football coach offers Zach a coaching job next year. Clay breaks down crying, and Diaz gives him a hug. Meanwhile, Winston and Zach have been locked in together. * Not only did I enjoy seeing Hannah one last time, but I also appreciated Clay finally addressing his constant communication with the dead. "Do we protect everyone, or just ourselves?" Upon returning to school from winter break, the building has been upgraded with metal detectors and. Charlie said it's a probably a side effect of having a traumatic brain injury (TBI), which Alex sustained from his suicide attempt in season 1. Clay's looking for Justin in the woods and sees a wolf in front of him. She demands that Principal Bolan (Steven Weber) hire female SROs for pat-downs. "Historically it has accomplished things," Alex wisely notes. He considers confessing that it was him alone who killed Bryce. It turns out that Tyler needs a ride to the Sheriff's station, which can only mean trouble. "Just do whatever you want," Clay says in a defeated tone.

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